THE GIFT is an innovated social program through arts and technology carriers. We are motivated to forge an art & technology community full of love, creativity and influence centered by self-taught/untraditional artists with autism, hard of hearing and special needs. We are discovering and welcoming artists to join our big global family.


Unlike the traditional workshops or organizations, we are connecting with artists across organizations and geographic locations. The artists who are joining us will have professional designers to unearth the beauty of their artworks, to design approachable derivative products, and to promote derivative products as well as original artworks via both online platform and offline interactive exhibitions in major cities, such as New York City, Boston, etc. Partnered with KindTree, we are holding Art Guild Program to invite all the emerging artists to join our community (

Our vision is running a global campaign to raise awareness of a neo-diverse community for artists with autism and special needs, to encourage the public appreciating their talents through multi-channel commercial products, and eventually to expand their social impact.


Our mission is bringing economic opportunity and social influence to our global neo-diverse community.


It would be appreciate if you could share our message and commitment around and invite artists who are interested in our project to connect with us through this fun survey:,


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