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Mary-Minn Sirag


Diagnosed with autism in the mid ‘50s, Mary-Minn Sirag was rescued by her grandparents from being institutionalized. She enjoys volunteering in the local autism community, playing harmonica with the Oregon Old Time Fiddlers, throwing art parties in her back yard, writing essays, eating and cooking, and parapsychology, languages and grammar. Her special interests are Russian fiction, Japanese social norms, religious and utopian cults, and epidemics of now-exotic disease. She and her husband have 3 cats in the yard (“Life used to be so hard”…). She grew up in Beirut, Iowa and western Maryland. As an adult she has lived in Manhattan, the San Francisco Bay Area, Sonoma County, and now Eugene(OR). She is a chapter rep for the Autism Society of Oregon and 14-year past president of KindTree-Autism Rocks. She writes and occasionally gives talks to local agencies, schools and universities about living with autism. A refugee from the corporate world, she now works as a personal support worker for fellow autists.