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Chris Garza


Diagnosed with autism since 1995, I have been creating dramatic art photography since 2005, albeit sadly those pics, excellent as they were, are long gone. A new array of pics and subject matters have come into play, and as of late 2014 I now own a real professional-grade digital camera while collecting vintage film cameras emphasizing Brownie types. Since being added to the KindTree Artist Guild and Academy of Special Dreams artist residency in 2013, and The Art Of Autism featured artist list in 2015, I have gotten greater exposure including gallery exhibition. I am now a part of the KindTree Artist Guild Operations Team, and strive to bring the works of autistic artists including myself to a greater audience while promoting autism acceptance and appreciation of the arts while continuing to produce my own work. Please visit my personal webpage, Distant House Photography and/or Facebook fanpage Distant House Photography for more info.